Did you hear?

The 38th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival is coming to KAUAI next week: Thursday through Sunday (November 15th through November 18th) at the Historic Waimea Theater! We will be premiering 12 filmsreleased in 2018 from across the Pacific and 5 of those films will include Q&A sessions with the films’ directors!

Attached please see our festival flyer or visit www.waimeatheater.com for full movie synopsis, trailers and show times! Each film is $10 except for Opening Night’s film Moananuiakea which is $40 and includes a Hawaiian Dinner that benefits Waimea’s Kilohana Canoe Club.

To purchase tickets, please call Puni Patrick at 808-651-5744 or visit the Box Office at Waimea Theater during their normal operating hours.

1 OPENING NIGHT: Moananuiakea: One Ocean, One People, One Canoe will include a Hawaiian Dinner and Reception with the film’s director, Na’alehu Anthony (Executive Director of Oiwi TV). (THUR 11/15 at 6:30 pm)

2 EATING UP EASTER is a documentary about Rapa Nui’s challenge to maintain their culture while surviving in the modern world. (FRI 11/16 at 6:15 pm)

3 FOR LOVE’S SAKE is an uplifting drama from Japan about falling in love with sake, Japan’s most delectable fermented beverage and maybe discovering some romance along the way. (FRI 11/16 at 8:00 pm)

4 FIRST LOVE is a Filipino romantic comedy in Tagalog with English subtitles with a theme to seize every moment of life before it is too late. (SAT 11/17 at 1:45 pm)

5 Kauai’s own, Dyana Winkler, co-directed the award winning film UNITED SKATES and will be in Waimea to share her personal thoughts on the film that delves into the endangered future of an American pastime, while revealing its racist past in this must-see documentary! (SAT 11/17 at 4:00 pm)

6 WACHIGAI-YA ITOSATO will be released in its home country of Japan this December! 3 women risk everything for life and love in one of the biggest assassination conspiracies of all time. (SAT 11/17 at 6:00 pm)

7 FENGSHUI is a South Korean period drama that continues the Korean fortune-telling traditions. The film tells the story of a pungsu expert who can determine which land will bring the most good fortune in order to change his family’s fate and become king. (SAT  11/17 at 8:15 pm)

8 VOICES BEHIND BARBED WIRE is a series of 4 short films that explore the personal stories of Japanese Americans living on O’ahu, Maui County, Kauai and Hawaii Island who endured incarceration during World War II. (SUN 11/18 at 1:00 pm)

9 MIRAI is a Japanese Anime film about a 4-year-old boy who comes across a magical garden that takes him on adventures in the future with his baby sister and helps him cope with learning how to live with a younger sibling. (SUN 11/18 at 3:15 pm)

10 THIS AND NOTHING ELSE: REDBULL WA’A is a short documentary that chronicles a Kona canoe club made up of ordinary guys who are united by a shared passion and goal to win on the sport’s biggest stage. (SUN 11/18 at 5:15 PM – Double Feature with SURFING TO COPE).

11 SURFING TO COPE follows Brianna Cope as she attempts to make the Women’s Championship Tour while coming to terms with a physical challenge that has shaped her life. Director Katie Walsh is from Kaua’i and will be in Waimea to lead a Q&A immediately following the film! (SUN 11/18 at 5:15 PM – Double Feature following THIS AND NOTHING ELSE).

12 HANALEI BAY is film from Japan shares a tale of loss and connection on the North Shore of Kauai. Sachi’s son dreamed of surfing in Hawaii. He is killed in an accident at Hanalei Bay and she tries to heal her loss by traveling to the North Shore each year on the anniversary of his death. She befriends 2 Japanese boys her son’s age at the Bay and this new connection may hold the key to her grieving loss. Japanese Director Daishi Matsunaga will be in Waimea to introduce his film and conduct a Q&A immediately following the film. (SUN 11/18 at 7:00 pm)

For show times and trailers please visit www.waimeatheater.com orwww.hiff.org or call Puni Patrick at 808-651-5744.