Welcome to the New ARTS, the newsletter of the Garden Island Arts Council. Bringing you information about the GIAC and the arts community isn’t new, but the way it’s coming to you is.

We were pleased to enclose the ARTS newsletter on a quarterly basis inside of the publication For Kaua`i. Publishing expenses were high and grants have diminished. This Catch-22 caught up with us and we have gone the way of many publications these days, strictly on the WEB.

We’ll notify you via email when a new ARTS is ready for your viewing pleasure. In the email, we’ll provide the URL of the ARTS — its home address — and when you click on it, your browser will take you directly to it.

In this inaugural electronic-only edition of ARTS, we present to you our opening week schedule of the brilliant E Kanikapila Kakou Program, now in its 29th season.